Feigned Love

I’m not satisfied with the feigned love that you’re showing.
It doesn’t seem to bother you that our marriage is failing.
Judging from your frigidity and the way you’ve been acting,
You don’t love me and your respect for me is decreasing.

I found out that you’re having an affair, so please stop lying.
He’s gratifying your mind and body, and I’m here worrying.
The mere thought of you being with him is so perturbing.
I really trusted you, yet I’m the one who you’re deceiving.

You know that I’m doing my best to keep us from separating,
But I can’t handle the stress that your pretence is causing.
Should I just act as if everything is all right and say nothing?
I must do something about it cos your conduct is degrading.

You’re faking affection for me and it really hurts my feelings,
But I love you despite the constant heartache I’m having.
Although you’ve become dull and our love life is less titillating,
It saddens me very much to see our relationship ending.

Baby, I deserve someone who’s comforting and encouraging.
You’re not doing anything to prevent my heart from breaking.
Sometimes I just can’t hold back the tears when I’m hurting.
You should consider my anguish and be more understanding.

Having a wife who feigns love is exactly what I was avoiding.
All this pretence and unfaithfulness shouldn’t be happening.
It’s difficult to find a woman with a love that’s heart-warming,
But I’ll take an optimistic view of life and keep on searching.

It’s time to say goodbye cos our love is obviously not working.
Perhaps you’ll have success with the man who you’re dating.
Baby, I’ll neither plead with you nor coax you into staying.
You can leave any time you want, my pride is worth protecting.


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