Feels Like You

Mon, 10/30/2017 - 01:26 -- EnaAne

You feel like


Or a moment worth celebrating over bob marleys' and rum

Like a baby's first words

And it was this poem

You feel like a warm embrace

Or a familiar face, in an unfamiliar place

You feel like good news in the worst  of situations

Like all forms of relaxation 

Or a bully, learning retaliation 

You feel like a slow cool bath on the hottest of days 

With your favorite song on replay

You feel like desert after a satisfying meal

Or seconds, though I've had my fill

Like a bottle of water after sprinting a marathon 

Like poetic justice , can't help but merit puns

You feel like a kept promise 

Like your conclusion should always be another premise

You feel like happy hour without the hangover 

Like you give faith orders 

Like an addiction that doesn't take you under

You feel like smiles

Like forever, should wait awhile

You feel like the keys to God's venue

like, like times two

All because I Love You 


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