Feelings Inside Dreams

By: Amelie Ando

Feelings Inside Dreams 


A feeling inside me creating butterflies,

As words spill out with a warm breathe,

My heart pounding,

Heat rushing through my veins.


A warm embrace captures me in the moment,

I take a deep breath, sweating,

Warmth electrocuting my body,

I realize where I'm at.


Under my warm blankets my eyes open, I see sunshine 

My mind tangled up with reality and feelings,

I get up, planting each foot on the ground,

While shivers rise up my body.


I pour a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee in a mug, 

cream and sugar added,

The bitter sweet taste spreading,

I feel the warmth in my body slowly regain.


I scroll through with a light shining on my eyes 

Seeing the face that I saw in my dream,

I question myself, 


Are dreams real?


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