Feelings of Ink and Paper

Seas of words come unbidden to me

A storm of letters wanting to flee

From the mental cage holding them in

Through willing fingers, accomplice to sin,

That clickety-clack away to produce...

A silly sonnet about goose??


I sigh, close my eyes to the lines I'd lain out,

Wishing for lovely verses to flout.

I tried, oh I tried, I truly did,

To show the happiness stuck in my ID.

But I grow too weary of this lack of song,

So with a frustrated hiss, I say so long

To my discordant lyrics that sound so wrong.


For years I have not attempted to write so again,

In fear that I may just be spouting in vain,

But I have found courage as I have read through

Hundreds of poems that have changed my world view.

I now write inspired, by all sorts of things,

From rainbows to pencils to rainy springs,

Devoutly determined to express my whole being,

In ink and paper feelings.

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