The Feelings I feel.

A wave of the most beautiful nostalgia washes over me, covering me in its essence as i fly through the night of what once was my home, my land, my element.In its arms it holds me, protecting me from the demons of the world. I trust it with any and everything for it is like a mother caring for her weak child who does not yet know the dangers of the world and life itself. Sheltering it with all of her body and letting it know it has nothing to fear, nothing to run from, and no one to answer to. I am the child, I feel calm and cool as I feel we sit under the biggest weeping willow in spring when other infants are being born into a beautiful new world. Their parents watch over them and feed them with the finest milk any being could produce. And in the night they  hush themselves and fall asleep near their mothers stomach in which they formed their beautiful coat of silk fur. This is what I feel and I pray to any who will listen that the feeling stays with me. 



This poem is about: 
Our world



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