Sometimes the things that make us tick

Are the things that make us sick 

Not sick as in death 

But as in stress 

Everybody has those feelings were they wanna rage 

Somedays it doesn't take much for us to explode 

So we just tick..tick..tick...

Ticking in the broad daylight 

Trying to maintain day to day 

When I wake up and see a message from the people who make me tick

When my mind starts to scatter I start to tick..tick..tick 

Long night and long talks makes me heated 

My imagination runs wild inside my head 

I look inside my head finding my sanity 

I come out looking very colorful and stylish 

I don't like being understood i'm very weird and distorted 

So here I  leave you  with a very important message 

Take your time and do your best so you won't  tick..tick..tick away



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