Feeling Pain


I feel the pain of others, and i feel the stress, 
i pray to god when i feel i have nothing left, 
I reach up and grab the blessings I can get, communicating with him has been the biggest gift, 
If it really wasn't for him, would i stand to fight, 
would he guide me to my path, would i find the light, 
i'm not blind to see, I believe so he reveal, 
in the streets, people kill, 
nothing but violence in the hearts of these people we see every day, 
when emotion was created, why did they add hate, 
but love is the key, so hug away, 
releasing all the stress, i do it everyday, 
but its not only my pain i feel, i feel others too, 
people think they can cheat on each other, which is not even cool, 
but this is the pain, that i feel when im down and sad, 
you can say what you want, but i'll never be mad. 
I feel the Pain.... 


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