A feeling like no other


 Children, the future of our world.

The possibilities, endless.

The beginning may be hard.

With help, we will survive.

The scars, the bruises, they’ll soon fade away.

Think deep, think out loud.

Know you are loved, feel the warmth in your heart.

Everything will be okay.

You have the power to do anything.

Open the doorway and let them explore their path.

Make them realize they are strong.

No matter what anyone says,

They are brilliant and beautiful.

Focus on goals, focus on love.

Focus on being better, staying healthy.

No one can hurt you.

I won’t let them.

Working with children is my life.

Healing children is my passion.

A pediatric psychiatrist may be hard to become.

But in the end, the feeling is like no other. 



Everyone deserves to have someone there for them through thick and thin, I want to be that person.


With this wonderful poem, determination, hard work, and God you will. Keep writing on my friend. 

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