The Feeling of Love

What is the feeling that makes my heart still?

Beating slow and soft to the harmony that we all feel.

Day by day, with sunset to sunrise, she is warm like the willow that  kisses the breeze.

As the cycles flow from my lips to the ears that follow.

I  breathe deep, only I can bare to swallow.

What is the feeling that Rewires my brain.

Its like a song that I can never sing; or a bluebird without a ring.

Should I dare say the name in vein.

Laced by acid with the sweet aroma of honey dew.

If only we knew, that the feeling grew.

Sickening to my stomach, only I can only want more.

Bound to my heart that lies upon my shoulder.

Watching the air get colder.

What is the feeling that flutters around?

Twisting and turning.

It soon begins yearning.

Yearing for what you may ask?

But the answer is clear.

Only one factor adheres to the answers you seek, and that is fear.

It is nor he or she.

Nor is it a common guarantee.

The feeling is strong; too forceful to ignore.

Both bitter and sweet.

Yet  light on my feet.

It is love that rolls off my lips.

It is love that makes my kisses the willows.

And it is love that lies gently on my pillow.

The sweet feeling.

Oh so healing.

And I ask myself, What is that feeling?

To only look no further, than the arms of love.










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