The Feeling of Life

Sat, 06/04/2016 - 23:44 -- alexaM

The sun shining happily, 
Warming the sandy stretch, 
Dipped into the swaying mass of Cold, salty water.

Cool, damp grass 
Surrounding in the dark. 
Just watching. 
Watching the stars 
Slowly inching across the sky, 
Constellations and planets 
Close in pursuit.
A never-ending cycle.

Ash swirling in the wind, 
A flock of tiny white birds 

A scream. 
A shriek. 
Splitting the sky 
With a deafening strike.

Lightning exploding,
Banishing the dark
For just a moment.

A golden field 
beneath a brilliant blue sky.

Light glinting,
Containing the excitement
of a child.

And now, 
what do you feel?


That is the feeling of Life.

A capture of experience. 
A photograph of Life itself. 
How else to explain this feeling
But with pen and paper,
Word and mouth,
Experience and expressions. 
What is life
If not to share?

Share the love. 
Share the hate. 
Share the joy. 
Share the pain. 
Share the experience. 
And that makes all the difference.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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