feeling emotional

feeling emotional is so intense,

i feel the need to write this poem,

in grief of loosing my dad,

i miss him so much it is hurting me so much,

 feeling the need to write this to you,

as i need here and now as i dont know,

how to feel as it feels my world is collapsing,

dieing of cancer was the most heartbreaking thing,

to see you go through and watched you being taken from me,

now i know that your up in heaven watching and waiting,

to see me one more time looking through a looking glass,

watching every move and feeling the sorrow that we all dont deserve,

thinking of you each and every day is like a heart felt movie,

watching life spinning and spinning in the same direction,

taking me no where as i need you here to help me get through this,

as it is the most heart breaking experience for anyone to go through,

so please dont leave me as your always on my mind and in my heart,

forever and a day wishing you was here with out a care in the world,

feeling these emotions every day is like having an mental breakdown,

now that you have gone i dont know what to do as you have been there,

for every single one of us that needed you the most and the sorrow,

that we feel is getting us all down but knowing your watching us,

is like another day it gets harder and harder and one day it will be my turn,

to see leave this earth so please dont leave me as i need you here,

now and forever and ever and love you always and forevere 

love kathleen 

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My family
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He's Watching down on you, hun. You're so good at writing and I'm so proud of you for staying strong. You do you, BooBoo <3

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