Feeling blue is an emotion

Feeling blue is an emotion I'm too familiar with.

When I feel a wave of melancholy coming on,

I like to dance. 

My preference is slow dancing,

With the one I love by my side. 

The one who is always there to cheer me up,

Always there to stick up for me.

As we sway in the living room, Arm in arm,

All you can see,

One girl, swaying alone, stroking her cheek.


This poem is about: 



Okay, so this one I based off a song I love by Lorde; Liability. 

Its just the last line that is similar but I couldn't help but add it! 


Hope you enjoyed this one, its a lot happier and lighter than my usual,

but I've been in a good headspace recently. A nice breath of fresh air.

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