Feeling of Anxiety

Scared of what? I can’t say

I got to go, have to getaway

Heart begins to thump, to race wild

Feeling frightened, alike a child

Breathing quickens, I want it to slow, get back in control

But it is like I’m digging myself an unfathomable hole

Deep inside, I begin to drown, I am sinking

I going to die right here and now, I start thinking

Begin to sweat and body goes weak

A quiet place of calm solitude, is what I seek,

The whole world, my brain, my existence, I need to escape

Sometimes death seems a way out, frightening thoughts, take shape

Maybe I will find peace in the afterlife

But I’m terrified of death, just as I’m frightened of life

It’s the mysterious nature of life, and death that keeps me feeling insane

Unbidden Thoughts well up, disease my mind, that is my bane

I hold fast think of my family my kids, this does actually help a while

But then weird thoughts spew up, like malevolent bile

People ask am I alright? I hardly dare to speak

Lest I mentally break down and totally freak

Stop being a wimp, get over it, You have a good job and life…

You should be thankful, you are not poor and living in strife…

What is there to get anxiety about, they say…

It is a shadow I cannot name it, grasp it, no physical demon to slay

Popping pills seems the only method

keeps the unknown phantoms at bay

I need help, someone or something to take it way

Hope I wake up one day and it is all gone away

Like a bad dream

Please let it be true, I pray.

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