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You know when you were little
And you had your hand
In the cookie hand
You turned and almost died of embarrassment
When you saw your dad’s face

You know when you were older
And you slipped the candy bar
Into your pocket
Your heart thundered through your chest
When the alarms went off

You know when you were older still
And you took “just a couple hits”
You started to feel better
Until you realized you needed more

You know just last month
When you gave yourself away
You felt like he loved you
Until he dumped you the next day

You know just the other day
When you simply gave up
And decided to let go because
You just couldn’t go on

You know right now
When I think of you
I feel all those feelings
Knowing that I
Love you still
But also knowing that
There was so much more
I could’ve done.


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