Feelin' Tired is What I'm Feelin'

Is it the butterflies you get when you see the love of your life?

Is it the comfort you feel when you’re with your family?

Is it the immense amount of relief you feel when you read “CLASS IS CANCELED FOR THE DAY”?

Is it the smile you unconsciously form when your waitress slowly strides towards you?

Or is it the exact moment your head hits the feather filled, soft cotton (satin for me) pillow case at the end of the night?

The moment your body sinks into the plush, memory foam mattress instantly placing you into a semi-permanent daze.

Then yes, that’s it.


The beauty of no worries,

The beauty of no stress,

And the beauty of no pain,

Is at its peak when I am asleep.

Get your rest.

I promise you'll be feelin' good.

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