Feelin Good With a Friend

My friend, how have you been? 

It has been so long since I've cracked a grinned

while the days grow longer with a moment pass

I should have known I wouldn't last

Alone, that is


However this is not the exact case

I had a friend like you to keep me in place

Our days together cannot be erased

The memories we share cannot be replaced

Happy, I am


With your company to keep me afloat, 

I am glad you are here to see what I wrote

"You kept me alive," and that I quote

All the times you were there for me I have taken a note

Unbroken, we are


Together we always stood a chance

Even when things seem to hard at first glance

I pick you up because you do the same for me

You are the greatest friend there will ever be

Smiling, together

At last

This poem is about: 
My community


The True Reason

This is beautiful

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