Feelin' Good

If I am truly entitled to happiness , why isn't it always granted ?

Why do we become depressed at times , and then regret that we took happiness for granted?

I am certain that I would be more than happy when I receive a scholarship.

I would definitely be smiling ear to ear when my career take off like a rocketship.

I take much pride in my significant other and my beautiful mother

And ironically find joy in hanging with my difficult brothers.

When people act foul ,I still smile , I would probably smile , while on trial.

So I can't rightfully assume one is happy based off a smile; Maybe you're like me, and wearing a smile is just your style.

Anticipating every thought to make split decisions , boredom is a fiery pit that turns happiness to ash.

I am no different from a anybody else, I would definitely be happy from a surplus of cash.

Repetition comes from my inner feelings , happiness relies in my circadian rhythm.

Numb to any odd aura that may be threw my way so I certainly don't feel 'em.

Living in contrast to celebrities , watching as they do things that I wish I could.

Overlooking my passed opportunities , but when I get my shot-at last- i'll be feelin' good.

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