February 14th and a Soldier


United States
41° 48' 52.0092" N, 87° 48' 38.7216" W

A soldier
In love;
In hate;
In shock;
Inner Earthquake.

A man
Feeling neglected.

And he gets a letter
Carved with love;
Wrinkled with anticipation;
Scarred with benevolence;
No room for misinterpretation.

A woman
In love;
In a place like no other;
In perpetual worry;
A mother.

A man;
A soldier;
A friend;
A father.

A week
It goes by so slowly;
It holds sweet new promises;
It holds a secret, too;
It ends and he wonders where his family is.

An airport crowd
Full of laughter;
Feet shuffling;
And the soldier catches a glimpse of his daughter.

A daughter
Arms about her;
Lightly kissed;
And meets her father.

A tiny coo
Comes from her tiny lips;
Makes a tiny tear come from the soldier's eye;
Is met by a motherly stroke on her tiny head;
And the man thanks god for not letting him die.

A happiness
That lasts;
That arrives just in time;
That unites a beautiful couple;
And the new father leans over to his new daughter and asks
"Will you be my Valentine?"


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