Fearventure Ed

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 23:40 -- jacher3

I do not know what compelled me to pick adventure ed as my main gym class for my Junior year of high school. Maybe it was to finally step out of my comfort zone, or the thrill of the moment. That didn't really matter too much as I stood on top of a plataform, getting ready to catapult myself with a rope off the ledge. I was the last person to go, and I could not be more unprepared. I counted every single step of the ladder as I went up, thinking of another excuse to get out of it. There was nonc. I reached the top and my breathing got labored as the teacher put the hook on my restraint. I sat on the ledge, and waited for the teacher to push me off. 3,2,1. This is it. Takeoff. There is a very animalistic way that your entire being reacts as you fall of the ledge. I felt myself have a small panic attack in the middle of it. Once it was done, I was so relieved, but if I were to be back at Sophomore year, picking my classes for junior year, I would pick aerobics instead of adventure ed. Lesson learned. I did it, but I hope I don't have to experience something like that again anytime soon, since that made me realize that adrenaline is not for me. 

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