Fears of the Shattered

Fear, fear of not knowing this feeling. Suffocating, stripping my breath, my worry pulses reaching farther. Is it pain or an insane addiction that sharpens my breathing? At the middle of the start and the end the changes keep warping, twisting until I am lost clinging to the nothing in the pit of the fog. Swaying I hold my hand out to the dark, hoping, grasping for you to reach out. Growing selfish wanting more, please do not leave me room for regret. I have never felt young, just a nagging fear of betrayal, I glance at your crystal clear eyes as they light up with vigilance to guard yourself. Both of our scars run deep, of the remnants of those who left. With arrogance I want you closer, but my fears make me want to leave my eyes shut. My sharp emerald eyes only look for deception and lies, tugging on my heart until it feels like I want to scream. My hesitations consumed with anxiety keep me from moving forward. My mind breaking down, with an endless round of twitches and worry. Getting stuck my fixation on the fall leaves me no room to fly. Please whisper sweet words, please lend me your heart, I know mine is shattered. Sincerely, I beg you to forgive me if my heart's shards cut you. My words may seem like daggers or lies, in truth I do not know what is real. If I believe in hope and my future can I reach past my fears? Will I be okay? Will I not be alone? Will you be there?

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