Fearing Grief

Funny how the littlest things seem so big

Ironic how the ones you love are the ones who hurt you

Stupid how the easier route gets chosen over the most thorough

Sad how the kindest people are treated the worst,


What if we aren’t meant to fall in love?

Is love even a real thing anyway?

How do we know if the other feels the same?

Why can’t we separate our heads and hearts to think clearly?


The fall never seemed so scary before it began

Getting so caught in our minds we forgot to hold onto reality

Our grasp slipped off the brink, but we were never scared

Until we were falling and could not see the beginning, middle, or end.


Silence embraced us as we accepted our future

Of continuous falling down, down, down.

Nothing is at the bottom to catch us,

Except disappointment and grief.


Maybe being in a constant state of falling is a good thing.

At least it offers a break from the war zone that is my mind.

And falling means I have something to live for,

Because when I am on the ground in grief’s arms, I’ll have nothing else to lose.


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