The Fearful Tree


United States
27° 50' 18.1716" N, 82° 17' 27.294" W
United States
27° 50' 18.1716" N, 82° 17' 27.294" W

The Fearful Tree
Daniel Naglowsky, Jr.

As his life begins, the tree is just a seed
Petite and desolate, he will soon be like a weed
An unfavorable feeling is his only emotion
At the sight of his minuscule reflection
And of his inability and lack of locomotion
He has become a part of the natural selection

The clock begins to tick life away
Creating new life in this vast array
Giving him a new breed of meaning
To become something more authentic
A mighty tree that is greening
Turning him into something majestic

As the tree grows old and wither
The leaves fall off and slither
Falling away in every direction
Not knowing where to go
With no thought of defection
The leaves will fall silently below

The wind and rain bounces of his skin
That is protecting his life that is within
Age is not his friend but his foe
A mastermind with his evil deed
Death is the gift that age can bestow
Of life, age and death will soon impede

Fearing that his life will come to an end
A thought which he cannot comprehend
His life flashes before his eyes
An end that he can only foresee
Where his existence will be a demise
He has become a lonesome, fearful tree


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