Fear not

fear is described as a Chemical release by the brain to protect you from danger , Others like to describe it as a feeling that holds control of you . fear is not something that should be taken lightly fear is something  major , If you are walking in fear you should know what you are walking in to.  Fear doesn’t allow you to be you , therefore to your self your just a stranger , You try to get rid of fear but on your skin it sticks and glued . Feeling stuck and powerless when younger, you start feeling like an animal in the zoo . Fear takes away your freedom and leave you with hunger , so now your never full .

some say I never walked in to fear that’s a never, but you sit around and let it walk up to you . If you in up over coming fear , you’ll realize he’s a liar , but be careful he might try to fool you . And when you realize what you have conquered ,he will no longer define you nor Deceive you 


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