Fear In India

Step after step, we approach the hospital

A summer of hot, humid Air

Astonishment fills, and we realize how little

of the human condition we know of or care.


India, the country of which we treck

surrounded by faces similar but unfamiliar,

acknowledgment of how we are simply specks

in a land where the abundant population for us bewilders.


We Arrive to the hospital, in the early morning heat

The appearance and smell to us did defeat,

The hill of challenge imposed daunted remarkably steep 

As fear and discontent filled me through to my feet,

But halt I will not for I have nothing sewn for yet to reap.


Pace after pace, the internship proceeds

As I observe the cruelties of which man can endure

Crying, screaming, death and the deceased 

Brought forth the human condition, and its potency ensured


Refuse not I did to stride on with confidence

Regardless of the hardships and maladies surrounding,

I do not allow fear to shrivel me to silence,

I guarantee to myself that my ability is abounding


The pestilence of fear doth still linger

in the back of my mind,

But I shant allow those memoies to vanish forever

lest I permit that Indian summer be left behind.

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