How does one overcome fear ? 

It seems like such an easy task , JUST DO IT! 

Fear is not a JUST DO IT , when it's your mental state testing you. 

The pressue of the unkown. The pressue of ultimate loss. 

How does one fight fear? 

When it's you against yourself. The enemy of my dimise. The one true changeller. 

Brusing yourself , tearing away piece by piece.

Scraping through your soul.

How does one stop fear? 

Afraid of the outcome , better to be a coward then a failure. 

The pressure of parents , society and YOU. 

How does fear conqure ?

To overthink each thought , causing ache after ache.

The endless pause , breathe unstable. 

The time for fear is here. 

How fear ? 

To keep me at bay with myself. 

The constant banging and banging of your voice. 

I am shaking , fading , over heating. 

Hello fear ? 



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