I was scared.

Scared to fall in love.

Scared of heights.

Scared to be rejected.

Scared to not be rejected and then fall in love.

Scared of the possibility of being hurt.

Scared of small towns I’ve never been to.

Scared of killer whales going exstinct.


Point is I’m scared of a lot of things

but I’ve never been scared of you.

Never scared of the way you hold me,

or the way your voice seems to remind me chocolate.

Never scared of the way you made me feel or

the girl bestfriend you had of seven years.


Okay, I lied. I’m extremely scared of her

but not her exactly.

I’m scared that you hold her the same way

you hold me,

scared that your voice reminds her of chocolate.


But you know my biggest fear, biggest regret,

and most prized accomplishment was losing you.

See while I was with you the only thing I could think

about was how hurt I would be if you ever left.

And then you left and became my biggest regret.

And let me tell you, regret and fear don’t mix.


What they do is make for great comeback.

Baby, I’m so glad that I overcame my fear of losing you,

by losing you so I guess what I’m trying to say is

Thank you, love.


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