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Hope thins in the rain,
I see the reflection of pain in puddles.
Drenched in hate of what I see as a day-by-day struggle.
I walk through the dark clouds as the rain continues to pour,
I’m drowning from life, suffocating for more.
I see a monster in fear of its petrified self,
Anger as deep as the abyss of my heart, and I can’t escape its depths.
I am afraid of my reflection for it embodies hope,
But my fears lie to my dreams,
Saying that, “They will vanish like smoke”.
“I can’t stand what I see” says Fear,
I responded clearly trying to kill the image by fighting mirrors.
I let the blood smear but the pain only makes the nights worse,
I spend my lonely days with death,
Knowing that my life is cursed…
I shed blood with the reign of tears
For my dreams have wept,
I do not fear death,
Or the shame I’ve felt…
But what I kept was Fear itself.

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