Tue, 12/04/2018 - 18:37 -- lookart

Fear oh how you tease me

The pounding of my heart

The hopelessness of brighter days

The way you take my breath away as you reach into my soul

You want to shake my very existence

You want take my very will

You have beat me down

I am weary

You have crippled me

I can no longer stand

You have laughed at me and called me pathetic

Fear fear fear

I envy your courage

I am enraged by your audacity to sneer at me

I am not your bitch

I look up at your face and I laugh

I laugh at how you believe you have won

I laugh at how clueless you really are

I look at you and I see that your fear is me

You beat me

Crippled me

Took my will to live

All because I am your biggest fear

I know how much you despise me

I know how much you long to control my life

But I am uncontrollable

I am stronger than what your words do to me

I am beyond your reach

I am above your hypocrisy your judgment your justifications

You do not have a say in how to rule my life

You are nothing

Fear you do not exist

I give you the power and now I take it away

You are everything because I have told myself I am nothing

But I am everything because I made you something

You make me sick

Yet I am not ashamed of you

You are the dirt beneath my feet

I stand tall

I look you directly in the eye

And I say the words that destroy you

Dad I see you


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