The Fear


The fear is rising. So high like blood shot red eyes need visine. Just wish these thoughts in my head were a little more enticing. Looking into my brain and amongst my psyche, whatever's in control does this despite me. Maybe if I thought more wisely, I would never let my eyes bleed. 
But they do bleed, almost every night see? What should I be? And will it ever find me? Looking for something beneath my skin that is hiding. I try to hike up this hill dubbed life but I keep sliding. But I stand strong I keep on fighting.
The fear is mine to keep. As every night I'm lacking sleep. My needs, I'm constantly depriving.
The fear is regret. Like many one night stands when the booze has set. Waking up the next morning as you hold your breath. 
And we're forced to believe that we need these 3rd degrees and pedigrees. Wearing suits and ties to meet the children's needs. And it my home town we rank 50, out of all the United States Cities. & yet the first one's to take the beating are these kids. When they find that education isn't needed for them to live. The scores have been on a plateau for more than years than double my life.
The teachers aren't the problem, but we blame them because the school district hides.



I am loving everything about this


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