Mon, 09/23/2013 - 04:37 -- c_nmb02



Im a normal school girl

Attending my last year in high school and I still see it

Something students like me are unappreciative about

something that's spoken not by mouth but by actions in both sports and in classrooms.

Coaches see the best players 

and rather put them out to play

then those who's dying 

for a chance to do so but dosent say;

It needs to stop.

Teachers treat higher income kids 

with much pleasant manner

than those who could barely provide

with defective grammar;

it needs to stop.

Little things  makes students lose hope

They feel left out, hurt, and lonely.

Teachers and coaches need to realize, open their eyes, visualize, criticize, and minimize their gratuitous actions.

Little things do matter.

Little things they don't notice called favoritism.

It ALL needs to stop.








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