Favorite Thing

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 23:58 -- glade

You were my favorite thing

Hearing your sleepy voice at 4 am

As you struggled to stay up with me


Listening to your attempts at singing lullabies

That would lure me to sleep


Giggling as we ran through the streets

In the cold dark night

So we could feel free


And then you ripped it all away from me

My happiness

You tore my life apart


Or so I thought


I forgot how to be me when I was with you

And I am so SO glad you broke my heart


Because now

I can laugh to myself as

I run through the crunching leaves of autumn


And fill my kitchen with aromas of

Sweet apple pie and double chocolate cookies


Escape to another life

As I immerse myself in dystopian novels


Stay up all night and study for exams


My grades were put on hold when I was with you


My life was put on hold when I was with you


But now I can celebrate

Because I am free


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