Favoring eyes

I was born with favoring eyes.

I can see the burden others carry, like a shadow and a beast rolled into one, and it saddens me.

You're having a hard time again, and I'm sorry to hear that.

I can see it in the way you drag your corpse around.

In the way your strings have snapped.

I can hear it in your voice.

That hoarse croak that comes from trying to discover a new sadness just south of misery, north of sorrow, west of dejection, and east of anguish.

I can smell it engulfing you.

Your sweat is filled with the desperation you've felt everyday of your life. The same desperation that goes unanswered.

I can feel it moving under your skin.

It's inhabiting your skin, making it crawl with anxiety day and night and night and day, weekends, weekdays, and holidays.

I can taste it in the very air around you.

It sours my mouth, but it turns your stomach and dries out your throat.

I can see you suffering.

I'd do anything to take that burden from you.

My eyes are large, not with innocence but with shock and realization.

I was born with favoring eyes.

I can see the ball and chain that drags everyone down, like a vile creature with a name tag that varies from day to day with names such as "expectations", "burdens", and " reality".

It destroys and devastates me.

I see what this world has done to you and to others like you, to people with dreams like yours, hair like yours, a beating heart that craves love and acceptance like yours.

I'll accept you all with these favoring eyes of mine.

I hear the screams that echo from every corner of this world, the shrieks of hunger, pain, depression, and most of all sadness.

I'll hear your cries and listen to every word with these kind ears of mine.

I smell your tears and blood like oceans, and never more have I hated the sea. I'll swim that ocean over and over again until I find you, and I'll save you from these wicked waves before you drown with these open arms of mine.

I feel every scar on your paper thin skin and every burden on your weak shoulders.

I'll cover you with bandages of love I made myself and shoulder every burden and sadness with these large wings of mine.

I can taste the words on the tip of your tongue, the revolting flavor of hurtful words that gets shoved down your throat returns twice as bad when they came back up sad.

I'll fill you up on words over flowing with truth and sincerity with this loving mouth of mine.

You've encased your heart in crystal and retreated to a safe place, but I won't force my way in.

I'd die hundreds of millions of billions of trillions of deaths if it meant protecting that gem of a heart, because I know while it's cold out on the front lines that It's warm and safe inside where you are.

That's enough for me.

I'd lose these favoring eyes of mine.

I'd lose these kind ears of mine.

I'd lose these open arms of mine.

I'd lose these large wings of mine.

I'd lose this loving mouth of mine.

I'd lose them all for you.


I'm not a goddess or martyr, I'm a friend.


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