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Here I am day after day wondering  if he will come. I eagerly sit a the kitchen window waiting for this special person only to get stood up every time.  I call and call but no answer. Even though I have a substitute of this figure in my life it still doesn't fill the empty space I have inside me that needs that love and affection. Some nights I cry myself to sleep just thinking about it. What wrong with me ? why don't he treat me like the others? Have I done something wrong? Why do i have to call you and let you know I miss you and tell you that I want to spend quality time with you in order  for you to finally take a second out of your day to acknowledge me.I try to hold back my tears infront of family and friends but that doesn't work. They just build up and soon get to full to the point where I am to overwhelm  and the water works began. I try to stay positive towards the situation hoping one day things will change .  Saying to myself he's coming, he's coming . He going to call any minute . I spend all my time searching for something that I will never find . My question Is why ? There are millions and millions of children just like me who wish there birth father was more than someone whose just there and would  do anything to get  there love and affection the long for . Why is it so hard for men of this generation ,our pass generation and probably generations way before them to man up and take responsibility for there actions . i realize some people just don't want to except having to grow up because they've fell in live with there teenage years partying and what not  but something got to give. Some men hate there fathers for abandoning them at a young age only to do the same thing his father did to him failing to remember how it felt to not have that father figure in his life. I had to learn   that my father will never change because thats just the way he is.  I would cry everyday My mom tryed to tell me to just forgive him but never for get what he's done and move on.  It took me a long time to get over the fact that he will never be the father I wish he was and I cant change him . little do he know he has scared me for life but I will always love him. I just wonder why not end this madness and make a difference in this world  give children something to look for . Theres nothing like having the one you love sitting in the audience cheering you on whether its at a football game or a dance recital. Stop the disappointment and man up future Fathers your Child need you. I promise you ,you will make a difference in your Childs life......


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