A Father's Love

A Fathers Love?
What is that?
You see this girl never knew a father's love
The long walks the long talks
She got none of that
She sometimes wished she never even had a dad
People always told her
You should be grateful your dad’s even in your life
Do you know some kids fathers don’t do anything for them
What they didn’t know was he wasn’t in her life because he wanted to be a dad
All he liked was the idea of being a dad
She was his little trophy he kept on a shelf until it was beneficial to show her off
He liked to reap the rewards but never put in the work
When he did “support” her
It was not because he wanted to
It was because he was forced to
If he could drop his responsibilities and forget she ever existed he would
Sometimes she wishes he would
Sometimes she wishes she could be as lucky as her sister
Her sister barely remembers the man existed
You see her sister got the lucky end of the stick
He spared her the heartache and pain
By calling it quits early
Her sister now has a another man to call dad
While this girl is stuck knowing her father doesn’t really want to be in her life
He promised her time and time again he would change
One day he said he was going to do better
He promised her she would be daddy's little girl forever
But daddy decided to break his promise
She cried and cried
Hoping one day he would could really change
And she would not just be his trophy child
But she soon realized that was never going to be the case
So she said fuck him, I don’t need him
And that little girl was me


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