A Father's Love

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 22:48 -- Lady V

I hated your lectures.

Your constant reproaching.

The way your lips turned upwards

whenever you were boasting.

The way you abused me

with drunken colored words,

my cheeks would sting with a taste

that left me perturbed.

We always fought,

back and forth the arguments would go.

Pain and disappointment

was all your face would really show.

But times when you were sober,

you showed us some sort of care.

You worked until late at night-

not your fault you were never there.

You were awkward with your affections.

Showing love, you never did well.

Whether or not you truly loved us,

we couldn't always tell.

But it's too late to ask.

You've left us here on Earth.

And just now do we realize,

we've loved you since birth.

My manners and actions

mirrors all that you used to do.

There was never a father

as recondite as you.



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