Father's Daughter

Please forgive what I say next,

but after you are gone 

I will burn the memories of you at the stake

and choke on their smoke like the tobacco rings of your cigars.

I will not say a prayer to aid your passage into the beyond,

I will not keep your things boxed up in the 

attic of my home, I will not allow you 

to taint the life I create, you will not 

burden my soul, not again.

I will not mourn when your coffin is planted

like bloodroot in a field, when you leave,

I will have lost nothing.




Hi! I was wondering if I could use your poem for a poetry project I am doing?? We need to compare a British, Victorian Era poem to any modern poem. My poem is "Ah, are you Digging on my Grave". I will properly cite you.


Sure! I'm honored. Good luck on your project!!


Thank you, and keep up the good work!!

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