fatherless child

Baby boy smiled his face off,

he opened his eyes to see the beautyful smile of his mother,

while being held he allowed himself to drift off in to a nap, the first dream he ever had since the blessing of his presence in the world,

as time flew by he encountered a peasant, a peasant that only he noticed and only he felt,

as time went on and he played his favorite song, he noticed that every one else seem to have two pairs of the same kind,

two songs with the same rhyme, three souls that claimed mine,

he felt something just wasn't right, when he goes to bed mommy says good night,

with a kiss to bless his dreams while laying in bed,

when he woke up first thing he heard was good morning sweet heart how's mommys little boy doing,

a smile only she would successfully bring out in him, the characters to his intentions was far from unspoken,

he took his ass to a carnival when a clown handed him a token, then told him son take this token and blow in to it your wish,

the sound of the mans voice, he made up his wish, tossed it, and as the token rotated,

baby boy thought about the first thing that the man said in the voice of a missing figure,

A figure that never tucked him in bed, took him to school, was walkin alone while being sad or hugged and just said I love you son,

with a kiss to the head, the one thing he was missing that he notice since day one was a father, someone he could call his, for him to say dawm son,

my baby boy got big, man is just like me so handsome,

dawm son how handsome, for his father to begin ageing,

him to have a grandson, that baby boy could say was his son,

from this one, could be a blessing to know that this kid may have a father, not a daddy or a pops but a father that didnt give hime the vile,

but as of right now, he remains, a fatherless child.


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