Father Time

Time has been labled many things.

A theif, a healer, cause of  agony,

room for growth, neverending, and more.

Some say time will heal all wounds.

Some say that time steals love or loved ones.

But what I believe is that time... time is all that people say it is.

Growing up, time at different stages in my life

has been a theif; stealing loved ones too soon.

Time has helped heal me through the tough losses old and new.

The absence of time with those loved ones passed, 

caused great agony and sorrow.

Time, throughout the years has helped me grow;

not just growing up physically but mentally as well.

There is one fact I do know for sure: time is never ending.

You can't stop time, slow it down,

speed it up, skip it, or erase it. Famously said,

"Time waits for no man."

Throughout the losses that time has presented to me,

I've learned that, unlike my younger self once did, 

never take time for granted.

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