Father Figure


I remember the day like it was yesterday

As we sat there wondering what people would say

3 minutes felt like an eternity

Heart racing, body shaking, weak in the knees

As she walked out of the bathroom door

I wouldn’t make eye contact just stared at the floor

She silently said its positive and walked out the front door

I sat there in shock as if I were paralyzed

Emotions running through my head as I try to analyze what she said

14 year old soon to be father who had no father

To run to and confide in shit you didn’t bother

I asked god why you didn’t want me

You were willing to give up your seed just to feel free

But no not me

I promised myself I wouldn’t be like you

To her and my son I would remain true

For my son I would do whatever it takes

Although being a teenage father gave me the shakes

Support and unconditional love my son will find in me

I will be the man you couldn’t be


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