Father - An epitome of silent love

How do I show you,
how much I love?
Gifts, or mere gestures?
But you're all above.

How do I tell? I care so much,
with my presence, time or my prayers as such.

You, who held my hand, stood benign,
You, who helped me rise and shine.
You, who made me strong,
So I can survive, all along.

You, who gave me vision.
You, who gave me dreams.
You, who gave me courage,
In all my extremes.

Context :
How do I thank you?
for stretching beyond your limits for my dreams,
for working those extra long hours, to lessen my days of struggle,
for always smiling no matter what.
How do I thank you?
You, who know I'm weak at expressing when it comes to you.

So, writing it all over my face, I came to you.
Because I know, you can read,
As you always did.

"A big shoutout to Dad/पिता/वडील/પિતા/ತಂದೆ/পিতা/الآب all over the world".


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