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You’ve left us in your sleep,

and made your way to somewhere new,

without a sound you would creep,

up to the place with a spot saved for you.

We never wished for this day to come,

We always wished for you to stay,

But with the rising sun,

Away, you fade away.

The silence was heavier than the tears;

A shiver ran through every soul,

But they were all gathered here

To celebrate you as a whole.

A grand celebration: every room was full,

It was a party for all,

Not a person was dull,

It was your own special kind of ball

Full of food that you would make for this crowd,

But we made it ourselves in your remembrance

We enjoyed ourselves and laughed so loud

At joyous times we spent in your presence

Yes this was after the sadness and dwelling

The torture the fracture of hearts splitting

The devastation and the yelling

But now we are better fitting

in controlling our emotions

Better in holding in the sadness

Everyone is back to focussing on their devotions

to life to keep away from the madness

that comes with missing you and the memories

There will be no more overwhelming decorations

in our household with much creativities

There will be no more statues from various nations

sitting on our shelves to add more appeal to the eye

All your unique traits have vanished in the air

just like you vanished without a single good bye

But it was a gentle way to go in your sleep so we do not dare
wish for you to go another way, we must wait until we meet again.


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