Father, why did you leave me and my mother? Were we not good Enough?

Father, why do you deny the many children you have as if they meant nothing to you.

Have you forgotten the first child you had who is laying in a casket waiting for you to one day show up.

Father, are you proud of me and how I became a well behaved child who wants to have a good carreer

Did you leave because Of what I didnt have between my legs as you do?

Father, I suffered with confusion on who I was mentally and physically because I wasnt who you wanted.

I know I'll never been the Son you wanted but would you accept me as your Daughter who want you to be apart of her life?

I see you looking down upon me as if I was nothing but a puppet with strings attached,

as I move in a imaginary hall full of pictures I dream of you finally smiling at me and say "I am proud."

Father, will you ever one day admit that you were never there for Us your own children left in the dark,

Please don't leave your new Son in the dark like how you left us.


I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family
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