Fate's Spiderweb

She sits alone

With puppet strings

In her crumbling tower

On the edge of the earth


She plots and grins

As she untangles the strings

That had somehow found their way together.


Every knot untied

Was two soulmates divided

By no fault of their own,

Their fate was to be alone


Our strings are tied tightly now

But Fate yearns to wind us around

Her long, spindly fingers

And lift up her razor sharp nails

To cut off our love.


We’ll test her,

We’ll fight her

Fate will not win

I’ll weave our strings in and out

The way our fingers lace together

To brave the biting of the cold.


She’ll find that one day

No matter how great her efforts,

This knot is tied too tight

For her to untangle.



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