Fateful Night

she was 16

she wanted high education

she wanted to hear "we are proud of you"

she kept up the good work

2 years left in high school

one party and one bad choice

the once upon a time 

became a once upon a time

nothing but a fairytale

she dropped out

high on her feelings 

drunk on her mistakes

she didnt want kids till 26

but that fateful night ruined it

shes 18 now 

supposed to be graduated

choosing a four year

but instead choosing which diapers for her 2 children

stuck on minimum wage 

no help because the guy kicked rocks

cries everynight to go back to that one 

Fateful night

she loves them but hates the circumstances

once upon a time 

she had hopes and dreams 

but got stuck in the lifestyle of her mom.

so much for once upon a time.

This poem is about: 
My family


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