1. When I first saw you, I didn't set my eyes on yours but instead observed your saunter from behind as you made your way into the crowd of people. I should have known something was up with you, I mean who wears brown leather jackets anymore. 

2. The first time I actually met you. it was my fault. You seemed cool in a mysterious way and I thought it would be nice to socialize over a three meat pizza.

2. When I met you, I met your laugh. It was pure gold. 

2. I met two eyes of too blue color. 

3. The first time we hung out alone, my skin met yours. Our hands were like long lost lovers and our laughs mixed like the perfect drink. You had questioned why humans existed and I remember telling you that we all had our own reasons. You then gave a little too much thought into our situation and went back in time to the day we met. I told you, "Don't worry, it's fate."

4. When you confessed your feelings for me, I didn't know how to react. You see, my emotions are not something that I would trust. So since I didn't know how to feel, I told you that our laugh was like my favorite melody and that I was oddly comfortable around you. You told me I was the most beautiful thing you had ever experienced. 

5. You got a little drunk and wanted me to be with you. You wanted to taste my lips. I wanted you to be okay.

5. Your breath reeked of irresponsibility and drowning sorrows.

5. You told me you loved me.

5. I gave you a hug and told you to go home. 

6. The next morning, you told me you loved me again.

7. When you told me you were leaving me, I found it kind of funny. You see, I was just about to tell you that I was ready to be with you, but I guess that this was fate.

8. You told me you loved me. 

9. Your laugh is no longer gold, but instead lead dripping from your vocal chords and clogging my ear drums.

10. Although sometimes my hand still reaches for the warmth of yours, I know I will never feel it again. And when my soul misses yours, I tell it, "Don't worry, this is fate."


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