Fate works in mysterious ways

Putting me through pain on most of my days

Mental and physical, it has no preference

For in my mind pain has taken up residence


But still I wonder for what reason this is

That longevity is not for laughter, happiness, nor bliss

Why me! I cry at this world

As I lay in bed alone and curled


The thought rises again, why me

A voice answers this time, why can't you see?

Who are you I demand an answer! I'll wait.

It is I who controls all, it's me, it's fate


Are you here to mock me and laugh in my face?

No child she says as she wraps me in an embrace

I'm here to guide you on a better path

I do this for love, this is not my wrath


You see, what you want is not always the best

Just close your eyes, and to me leave the rest

For I have plans, plans for you

Ones that you'll love to do


Just because you cannot have it now

But when you do, all you'll say is wow

So be patient and please stay

For I am Fate and I work in a mysterious way

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