Fat girl, sassy girl, hotheaded girl

I am a fat girl

It's no secret:

Taco Bell is my best friend, 

Cookies give me comfort,

And I would never reject some cheesecake.

I'm an expert at sucking in.

My high-rise jeans cover my belly perfectly.

I know how to angle my camera so that I look thin.

At the end of the day, I am still a fat girl.


I am a sassy girl.

The queen of comebacks,

Quick-witted as they come,

And sharp as a tack.

Smart remarks roll of my tongue before I realize,

Causing shocked silence and maybe some hurt

But I'm worse at apologies than at keeping quiet;

Odds are, I won't even bother.

I am unapologetically a sassy girl. 


I am a stubborn girl

I have an almost unending list of flaws.

I talk too much, I eat too much, I'm sassy too much.

Despite it all, my head remains held high.

To quote the Bible, I am "clothed in strength and dignity,"

And I have too much self respect to sacrifice my beliefs.

Another flaw: it makes me hotheaded.

I  love everyone dearly and strive to be kind

But I will never not be a stubborn girl. 


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