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Forever Awfully Treated. In your eyes I am despicable. This art form sculpted by God’s most precious hands endures most pain-ting-ling through my body causing this canvas to collapse. My clothes clinging so tightly to my body as my thighs do to each other stretching my seams. It seems as though not even they can handle these curves. These love handles clutch my waist like a newborn to its mother’s chest. Rows of rolls of love and comfort surround my bones. Apparently for every piece of steak my life is at stake causing beef within myself regretting every bite. When it comes to sweets, candies, I’ve always been a sugarbabie. Everything I would crunch on found comfort in every location where pain lies. When I walk by they would snicker at the fact that I couldn’t walk as fast as I could eat one. So I’d go home, grab my pixie stick & shove it so far down my throat hoping to go back to the weight I was before lunch. Airheads constantly make harsh comments making me consider whether I should just die now or later. Of course there’s the Mike&Ikes who instead of heart filled words stripping me of my insecurities, their eyes clothe me with suicidal thoughts. I cut away at every inch possibly erasing those people that have made my life a living hell. Then I starve, starve myself of confidence and pride no matter how much my body craves it. It feels as though someone is squeezing the life out of me, squeezing my life out of me. I spent these past years trying to picture how I could contort my body trying to mold myself in a way that’s acceptable, but still-life tries to blackout my pride. They focus so much on what appears to them as flaws not taking the time to explore the creases and cracks that lies deep within. You see their hatred is just a reflection of their own insecurities and self-hate. My stature is built in a way only a confident full figured queen would appreciate. Even the sun graces itself across my body and I can see my inner beauty swaying in my silhouette with every step I take. My shadow is big enough to match my heart; my presence is a present to those in need of my love the most. My life is not nor was it ever a mistake. This body was placed here as a blueprint of God’s most wondrous works that are yet to come. I know he only gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers so as for these stretch marks I adore them…this tiger earned her stripes.



This is amazing.. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you


This is dope. I love the message that you are trying to convey to the audience. I definitly relate to your words and I feel more confident in embracing my thickness. 

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