Farewell to What is Now Gone


You left a residue of memories

That I cannot clean

I left upon dawn

Hoping to be unseen


Tempted to speak

Distant murmurs

Suffocate the sound

Of all that used to be


Encrypted memories

Have no desire to leave

A solemn tear

Unready to cease


I cringe at the thought

Of all that used to be

I’ve lived my life in solitude

Hoping that what was done, will be deceased


And If I never see you again in this life

Oh how much I wish you knew

This emotion that I cannot hide

Is eating my flesh from the inside


So long to the years yearning for you

These knots like thorns

They pierce through the heart

Have caused such mixed feelings, to be torn apart


So long to the nights of supernova

Your majestic qualities

No longer enthrall

For the happiness you once gave, is now dissolved


With my tattered heart

My shaken soul

I say goodbye

To what is now the unknown


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