Farewell To The Highlands

Farewell To The Highlands 

Farewell to the Highlands that are so far away , 
Farewell to the North that has taken my heart  away, 
The birth-place of California is were I want to stay , 
Wherever I wander were my lover has been, 
That gave me a world-wind, 
The hills of the Highlands for ever I love. 
This is were I want to put my trust , 
You ask me to take your hand in love and I said I need to trust , 
That was almost the end of us . 
My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not hear to stay  
You ask me what I want out of our love  
I said I need more of us with so much love  
To build in this highland a place we can call home ,  
You want me to go to a place I don't know . 
I am from Cali and you are from Rome .  
Farewell to the mountains high covered with snow; 
With no hope of going back home . 
Farewell to the street lights that had shine so bright  
That keeps me up through out the nights, 
Green valleys is were I will give my life , 
To a man that ask me to be his wife , 
I bring with me my heart of faith for this love to stay  
That is true and kind as mine . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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